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    Private Anton Alekseevich Kirichko

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    1. Name: KIRICHKO, Anton Alekseevich

    2. Rank: Private

    3. Position, unit: Machine Gunner, 83rd Naval Infantry Brigade

    Nominated for: Medal ?For Valor?

    4. Date of Birth: 1906

    5. Nationality: Russian

    6. Party affiliation: Without party affiliation

    7. Participation in Patriotic War: On the Krim Front from March 1942 to 18 May 1942

    8. Wounds and Contusions from the Patriotic War: Heavily Wounded on 18 May 1942

    9. Joined the Red Army: Since 22 June 1941 to 1 July 1945

    10. From which call up station: Keryukskim Regional Military District, Krasnodarskovo Krai

    11. Previous awards: None presented

    12. Permanent home address: Chelyabinskaya Oblast, City of Elatoyust, 7th division, 3rd Kamenka, Right bank, 72


    Comrade A.A. Kirichko served in the Soviet Army from June 22, 1941 till July 1, 1945. Participated in the Great Patriotic War from March 1942 till May 18, 1942. On May 18, 1942 he was severely wounded in the battles against Germans as part of a naval brigade unit and was captured by the enemy while unconscious. Was held in the captivity from May 18, 1942 till April 9, 1945. Was liberated by American troops. Underwent special interviews from April 9, 1945 till July 1, 1945. Afterwards was discharged from the military. His wound is confirmed by the Medical Committee of the Zlatoust City Military Draft and Registration Office as of January 23, 1957. There are no other documents to confirm his wound. He is currently in disabled worker status, 3rd degree because of his illness.

    Has no disablement as the result of the wound.

    Has been working as an under-the-crane worker at the #1 rolling shop of the Zlatoust steel plant since October 23, 1945.

    Is characterized positively at his workplace.

    Conclusion: Deserves to be awarded the ?For Bravery? Medal for having been wounded while participating in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

    Zlatoustovski City Military Commander

    Colonel /RADKO/

    8 February 1957

    See also: http://www.forvalor.com/s97.htm

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    Also just e-mailed it to you so you can post it up here. Yes, as you know, I'm notoriously bad about remembering to include the darned translations... :speechless::cheeky:

    No, actually, I got it (and also found on your site) the recommendation translation. It was the record card that was untranslated (and that's no biggie, but part of the full record for an anal retentive historian).

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