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    Proper Visor Display?

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    I had a quick question about the display of visors, is it ok to leave them down resting on the actual visor part? My thoughts are in the same vein as the 'Haubes, I dont want the weight and gravity to eventually take the visor part off or loosen it. So should I have it up or is it ok to leave it resting on its bill? TIA and all the best, Jon

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    Resting on the visor is a bad idea, same reason as the pikelhaube. I toyed with the idea of using some UPVC fascia board - it's wedge shaped in cross section, so I thought a length of that along a shelf would work well, with the thicker edge to the front, caps resting flat tho' at an angle on the board with the peak projecting out over the thick edge. A guy doing some work with the stuff at my house offered to cut pieces to length for me but I decided not to bother, pity, but no doubt the UPVC would be bad for the cap & resting that way on the board would eventually lead to damage to the fabric between cap band stiffener & board.

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    I once read that if you want to display hats, cut a plastic football, soccer ball ;) , in half, it acts as an excellent stand and keeps the visor free from weight, you get two stands for the price of one ball :D


    Best regards


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    Why not buy mannequin heads? That's what I use. I keep all of my WWI/WWII aviator flight helmets, goggles, Class A caps, etc. on mannequin heads to keep the shape of the leather and prevent wrinkles.





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    They cost a lot don't they? I've seen the thing going for ?15.

    Again, the purists will point out the inadvisability of keeping polystyrene in contact with the headgear, a black cotton sock stretched over the poly head seems an idea.

    You can get polystyrene shapes like the top of a head, coulkd be good on a wooden stand, completely hidden by a helmet or cap.

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