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    I bought this post card, which appears to have been produced by the "Reichsverband zur Unterst?tzung deutscher Veteranen E.V.? some time ago because of the way the Admiral was wearing his 1870 EKII and the 25 year Oak Leaves. Was this a common way for a naval officer to wear this award? Does anyone have any historical information on this man?



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    Guest Rick Research

    This style of wear is not unknown, but certainly uncommon. For one thing, it required having at least a second EK to dangle loose this way, since otherwise it was only worn on the full dress medal bar. Most medal bar awards back then were sewn in, so could not easily be removed.

    This is a "fashion statement" of reduced wear displaying hsi highest war award (the EK) and highest peacetime award (the Red eagle) with nothing else at all being worn, even ribbons.

    Glenn would know if there was a regulation on this, but offhand I think it was simply a personal style-- probably for the very purpose of having a photograph taken, rather than something he walked around with every day. :cheers:

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