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    RAD Medical Insignia

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    Guest Rick Research

    I don't think I have EVER seen medical R.A.D. insignia before. :cheers:

    On the left, despite it being identical in design with the far more lowly Polizei-Wachtmeister (army Unteroffizier) is


    Most comparable to a Polizei-Meister, I think. Wore officers' collar patches, so not just a Sergeant-Major--more of a Warrant Officer.

    On the right,


    Since there were (oddly) only two ranks of R.A.D. sergeants, this would be a Feldwebel AND Oberfeldwebel equivalent.

    Now you have to find the blue backed collar patches. :speechless1:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Yup. I got a pair of administrative (green plushy Waffenfarbe) Oberarbeitsf?hrer "Lt Col" field boards and a single matching tab when I was a kid. Must have had that trio 25 years and finally sold them ages ago without ever having found another tab. :(

    But then even the NORMAL black insignia have disappeared. My R.A.D. 12 years/ Bavarian WW1 officer medal bar looks really nifty with a set of Arbeitsf?hrer "Major" boards-- but ? 10 years ago the prices for a matching wheat sheaf pair of BLACK tabs was so crazy I never have gotten the matching tabs for display.

    You're going to havea loooooooong chase for BLUE ones! :speechless1::cheeky:

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    I have just acquired this selection of RAD Medical insignia. I am not fluent with the RAD, yet I do collect medical insignia. What ranking are these boards? How rare are they?



    Dear PaulR!

    These shoulder straps is for Heilgehilfe in Medical Branch of RAD. This rank - Heilgehilfe - is equivalent for ranks from Truppfuhrer to Unterfeldmeister.

    Edited by Transpspeer
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    Hi Larry,

    I read over that link. Thank you! It is very informative!! It blows my mind that there were actually RAD Flak and infantry units!!


    Thank you for the information. Which strap are you referring to?

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    I would like to see other ranks. If they are Medical, please put them here. If they are not medical, please start another thread. :jumping::jumping::jumping:



    O'key, here you go. The second is the equivalent in General Branch.

    Arbeitslagerarzt - Feldmeister

    Arbeitsfeldarzt - Oberfeldmeister

    Arbeitsarzt - Arbeitsfuhrer

    Oberarbeitsarzt - Oberarbeitsfuhrer

    Oberstarbeitsarzt - Oberstarbeitsfuhrer

    Generalarbeitsarzt (Sep 1938) - Generalarbeitsfuhrer.


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