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    How to move your militaria safely?

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    Well after my first semester in college, I have to admit Ive already got a hankering for my own place, for two reasons mostly: A. I miss having MY stuff and a place to myself, and B. I miss my cat and my militaria etc. I was curious though, what are some pointers for moving militaria? Im sure some of you guys have had to do it before and have learned some things that are definite do's and dont's. TIA and all the best, Jon

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    Guest Rick Research

    1) "low" rent = high crime.

    1a) don't bring anything you don't want to find missing with the door kicked in.

    2) if you have a choice, go into someplace small with families. Around here, we have what are called "3-deckers"-- old Victorian 3 floor family units. When I was in college in the 1970s, most were family owned with a floor or sometimes two for rent while the landlord or families lived there too.

    2a) anyplace that is all students-- see #1a above

    2b) anyplace with Real People living there is going to have people at home to discourage 1) and 1a)

    2c) make sure you are the Ideal Neighbor: NO loud parties, no boorish pals blocking driveways etc etc etc. Remember that to Real People who LIVE there, you are a faceless transient unless you actually LIVE there for several years, year round: pat the neighborhood dogs, talk to the neighborhood old folks, and make sure you know who belongs and who doesn't just like the Real People. "Town versus Gown" is an eternal source of friction--so make sure you are one of the "locals."

    3) make sure you register your "change of address" address with the Post Office that will be delivering mail and have your name marked on the mailbox if you want new things delivered and not returned as "no such person at this address" without the local delivery person even BOTHERING to check that you ARE there.

    4) Pick your roommates VERY very very carefully. You would not believe how quickly peculiar habits (hygiene and chore-sharing being most common) will literally make you homicidal.

    4a) If your roommates have peculiar "friends," you are going to have peculiar people loose in YOUR "home." see 1) and 1a)

    It is amazing how things that are not nailed down can go Mysteriously Missing.

    4b) Make sure you are all ABSOLUTELY clear on ALL rules BEFOREHAND. If you are unaccustomed to getting up at 3 AM and finding total strangers in your bathroom, you will NOT be a Happy Roommate.

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    Hello Jon,

    Having seen most of your collection at the other forum, here's a few ideas. For your uniforms, put them on thick hangers and put them in a suit bag or at least a large trash bag over them. For the Mannequins I would use large bubble wrap around them and then put them in a sturdy U-HAUL box. As for your smaller items, individually wrap them in bubblewrap or at least newspaper. I would pack your models seperately in their own box and then put these in a RUBBERMAID container. I hope that this helps.


    :beer: Doc

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate it! It seems the moving of normal items is the same with militaria as far as newspaper and bubble wrap is concerned just more care LOL.

    Rick I love the way you write, your style brings a humor to the table that makes your points enjoyable as well as serious to read. I must say that in highschool and even now that I am out of it I do not like the 'party life'. I enjoy a drink every now and then but that is usually by myself in my own room. Thanks guys! All the best, Jon

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    Not realy a militaria thing - but you never know - wrap plates in newspaper and put them in the box verticaly. A plate is stronger around the rim rather than the center, so you have less chance of breaking. AS for putting stuff in boxes, I like to plan on some guy (usually me!) dropping the box from 4'. So I pack things with that in mind...armor, armor and more armor. Its the worst point in ones life to be the one who destroyed a piece of hisotry...its right next to people talking on cell phones in a movie theatre and....

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    Wrap everything in paper towels, but don't leave them there... this type of paper usually has high acidity and it could damage your pieces. DON'T use newspaper ever... you'll just get ink all over the items and your hands. Yuck. OR. use acid-free archive tissue to pad things... that will buy you time to unwrap/set-up your display(s). But remember what my Evil Twin? said. Low rent=High crime.

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