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Indian Medal rim causes question - unit?

Christian L

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I have a medal duo of indian origin which gives me some difficulties, as i can not id the unit. It says on the rim:

JC - 30074 - SUB. R.N. SOOD. A.E.C.

So, if i'm correct the A.E.C. is the unit - but which kind of unit it is, as i do not get closer to it.

Its the Gneral Service Medal with Clasp LADAKH 1962.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance Christian

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A nice medal. The General Service Medal, 1947.

Rank is Subadar (!). Research is possible, but the requisite Army Lists are in New Delhi and I'm not. :(

Unit is the Army Educational Corps.

The Ladakh clasp is scarce and desirable for some very nasty service (but as AEC?!) in the 1962 Sino-Indian war.

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Hy Ed,

thanks a lot for the fast reply!

Interesting - so Subadar is the lowest rank researchable?

Army Educational Corps????

The reason why i'm asking is, that i was unable to id it and i couldn'T find a "matching" counterpart in the book "The Saga of LADAKH" written by Major General Jagjit Singh.

He lists the following units for the battle of Chushul:

- 1/8 Gorkha Rifles

- 13 Kumaon

- 1 Jat.

- 5 Jat.

- Armour Artillery and Brigade Headquarters

but no Army Educational Corps ... or where soldiers of the AEC attached to the Headquaters or Units?

At first, i was some kind of unhappy, that it was not a 1/8 GR and that i was unable to find it (thought it must have been some lack of experiance with indian medals), but if its also interesting for you, i'm really thrilled to get to know what this guy did there!

Is the research only possible by yourself, or are there some governmental / professional researchers working on military files?

Thanks a lot in advance Christian

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A pretty uncommon clasp, for some very nasty service. Next to Korea, the most uncommon, and very nice to a JCO.

The Army List will list all officers (Lieutenant+) and some army lists (not as many as we'd like) would list the junior commissioned officer ranks (Jemadar, Subadar, Subadar-Major -- to simplify). AEC tended to be everywhere, doing whatever educational good workls they do.

A very nice one indeed.


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