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    Hi All...

    Here's a piece that most of you dagger guys would run from!

    I had been looking for an SA dagger for some time that fitted into my price range (ie - very cheap!). I did not care if it was in great condition or messed with... I just wanted to have one, and thanks to another member here, I ended up with this.


    It's (a parts dagger) Herm. Konejung with early nickel fittings, (there seems to be a very even patina to all the nickel fittings which I take as a good sign). It's biggest problem is that someone at some stage decided to sharpen it and buff the blade (in the crudest method possible).


    There is no evidence remaining of any crossgrain, and the beautiful needle point tip common to these daggers has been destroyed.

    The motto remains quite legible with only the centre line being worn away.


    The handle (a nice dark wood) has no major problems with minor dings and scratches, but the eagle looks to be a replacement as there is damage to the left wing (not sure if the eagle is genuine or fake, any ideas?). The SA disc looks to be slightly rotated - also suggesting that it has been out of the handle at some stage.


    The are some scratches on the cross-guards that do not correspond to the timber, again hinting at a parts assembly. However, the fitting is relatively good with no major gaps at either crossguard. It has a Gau mark Sw. The nut shows signs of incompetent adjustment with what look like marks from a pliers or vice-grips. These marks are also on the crossguard.



    The scabbard has been (again, crudely) re-painted with blistering evident in some areas. I do not know if this is rust under the paint or not, but there is no evidence of it breaking through the paint as yet.

    All screws are in place but the ball is badly dented.


    An ugly dog in many dagger guys eyes, but it's my first and only SA, and I love it!! I'd love to be able to upgrade it, but for the moment it stays where it is!

    Happy New Year everyone! :cheers::cheers:

    Regards - Danny


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    I fully understand just wanting to own a dagger... it's the start of the, "addiction", we all have.

    All of us must start somewhere, whatever our budget limits us to. The most important thing is to learn and do as much research as possible and not get caught out buying a fake, (which you haven't done).

    Okay, so this one's not in the best of condition but at least it's real and a genuine part of history.

    From here, you will either trade up and most likely, add on to.

    Nothing here to be ashamed of or make excuses for... enjoy what you have.

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