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Belarussian Motherhood Medal


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Yesterday found this medal in the mail. To be honest i don't know much about Russian/communist/socialist medals. However, one of my collecting area's is motherhood medals and this seemed interesting enough to get it.

Can someone maybe tell me a bit more about the belarussian motherhood medals?

Maybe show a picture of different classes or just any information about these? Also did they come with an award document/book? Are there really only 5000 given out? etc.

Any information would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Gaston,

Please, have a look at this webpage, about this Order :


Yours is not issued, and I have not found info about the 5000 already awarded. Only one class for this order.

If this may help, here is a "online" translation fo the page I indicated.

"Award of Mother

The award is founded by the Decision of the Supreme body of Byelorussia N 3726-XII from 13.04.1995

Position about an award

The award of Mother awards the women who given birth and have brought up five and more children.

Rewarding by an award of Mother is made at achievement by last child of age of one year and at presence in alive other children of this mother.

At rewarding by an award of Mother children are considered also:

Adopted in the order established(installed) by the law;

Victims or missing persons at protection of Fatherland and its(his) state interests, execution(performance) of a civic duty on rescue of a human life, maintenance of legality and the law and order, and also died as a result of wound, a mutilation, the disease, received under the specified circumstances, or as a result of a labour mutilation or occupational disease.

The award of Mother rushes on the left party(side) of a breast and at presence of other awards settles down above them.

The description of an award

The award of Mother represents the nine-final relief star entered in a circle in diameter of 40 mm. In the center - the relief image of the woman and the child in beams of the sun, framed by a wreath from oak and laurel leaves, in the bottom part of a wreath - a white-blue bow from enamel. The underside of an award has a smooth surface, in the center there is number of an award.

The award by means of ушка and rings incorporates with pentagonal колодкой, the fitted moire tape of blue color to a longitudinal dark blue strip in the middle.

The award is made from томпака with silvering and gilding.

History of an award

Award of Mother - the unique Belarus award intended for rewarding of women for merits in a birth and education of children. In Soviet наградной to system existed six similar awards (a medal of motherhood of two degrees, an award " Parent Glory " three degrees and the maximum(supreme) distinction - an award "Mother-heroine"). The Belarus award of Mother is intended for rewarding the women who have brought up five and more children, and corresponds(meets) to the Soviet medal of motherhood of II degree.

The first Decree of President РБ about rewarding having many children mothers by an award of Mother has left on October, 14th, 1996. According to the Decree an award were награждены 124 women.

Features and versions of an award

Sign on an award цельноштампованный without unprofitable(superimposed) details. A reverser of an award smooth. On a reverser six--place number of an award before which figures there is a convex badge "N" is located. Number is put(rendered) by a rotating tool. At number the brand of manufacturer " БЕЛВАР " settles down."

Hope this helps.



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I'm not sure how that got so grubby unless someone was trying to make it look like a Soviet era award.

There also exists a version without enamel, which some claim to be a second class version. This is not the case and is simply a design variant, probably due to the fact that so many of these awards available on the market are unissued.

I have an issued one with a number, which is nice and rare, but I probably ought not to post the number as it's illegal to sell them. I'm not sure how it works for gifts.

Anyway, here's mine!

p.s. the number is below 5000. With a total population of only 10,000,000 and recent negative birth rates that would tally.

Edited by Belaruski
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as im totally new to this collecting area ( russian and related states) i found my medal on ebay :rolleyes:

Are there maybe sites to keep an eye on that regularly offer these? Id like to get another one that is numbered or perhaps a type without enamel then?

Also how many of these were given out?



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Gaston, Ebay is probably the best place, but you need to be clever in your searches! Most people do NOT want modern Belarusian awards, and thus most people don't sell them as such. And will put Russian or Soviet in the title. It is illegal to sell issued pieces, and the unissued ones are a bit of a legal loophole which probably will be tightened up.

The un-enamelled ones are simply unfinished and as such I wouldn't really want one, but again ebay!

The beauty of Belarusian awards is their direct Soviet heritage, they commemorate Soviet dates, and feature red stars, and even Soviet flags. Also they are relatively cheap and of good quality.

The history isn't there yet, but if Mcain becomes President it may be ;)

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Thanks Belaruski,

im getting to like these russian awards more and more but have a LOT to learn in this area...(it's as if im starting collecting again :speechless: )

If anyone find another of these mother awards please feel free to pm me.

kind regards,


ps: thats one nice looking piece! as im new to all these, what is it for?

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60th anniversary of the Red Banner Brest border control group. Hence the Red Banner Order in the centre, and frontier post background. This is heavy brass like a 30's Soviet badge, and numbered too. I've never seen another one.

Due to limited finances I'm moving almost exclusively into modern Belarusian stuff now, as part of the fun in collecting, is collecting! And with Soviet awards and militaria, it was become exceptionally rare that I could afford anything. Plus it's galling shelling out more for repro awards that you used to see the originals for.

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