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  1. This red Eagle ribbon must be one of the best looking ribbons i've ever see, what a beauty. Really nice Wildcard! regards, Gaston
  2. and last for now, a very rare 1918 card with his hanged murderer... Makes the photo as a whole pretty gruesome... Hope you enjoyed the pictures, best regards, Gaston
  3. more... The 1871 certificate, for a long time one of my favorite medals and the certificate is the pride and joy of my humble collection...
  4. want to post a few more and the doc but have trouble with the 110 kb limit, as i got a new computer yesterday there is no software to resize yet...will post more later, sorry
  5. Finally found some time to take some pics of my humble von Eichhorn items, spiced them up a bit with a few regular medals and postcards, hope you don't mind...
  6. First off: congratulations Chris! This is one hell of a special certificate! I was hesitating too but got scared when it went from 593 to 755...ouch... Tell your wife that If EVER in the future you want to get rid of it you can just contact me. (only need to save a little first then ;-) ) Again congrats , this is great. We should do a nice topic on von Eichhorn and all add our items? regards, Gaston
  7. Hello Vince, nice to see you got something as well, lets see how much of this lot we can track down over time...ill post mine as soon as i have some pictures. regards, Gaston
  8. Hi, Excuse the late reply, only now find this topic. I did manage to win a few items, one of them being an award certificate for the 1870 kriegsdenkmunze, which i consider to be the highlight of my humble collection so far. The guy selling the items was an antiquedealer and a complete moron, he asked me a lot of shipments costs and then FOLDED THE PAPERS into a regular envelope, sticked a NORMAL stamp on it and thats how i got the envelope: folded and damaged!!! Unbelieveable how respectless some people treat such rare items. I haven't cried in years but was very close when opening the envelope. In the meantime ebay banned him for listing German items, so i guess im just happy to have even recieved anything at all... Did anyone else here get anything from the group? I also collect postcards and already had a few from him, couldn't believe my eyes when the group came for sale. best regards, Gaston
  9. i have two of those, on mounted on wood and a black one that has this same design but is painted. Take a look in the frontkampfer medal topic. I might be interested in this one. Could you pm me the price?
  10. Thank you both for the informations, and thanks for the link too, i hadn't seen the first one yet!
  11. normally the date on tinnies is the date of a certain event? i was hoping someone knew this "appell" as i thought it was a call to join the army? Here is the back:
  12. Not sure if this is the right place, but it's L?beck and i think somehow related? I've had this tinnie for a while and wonder what exactly it is? My best guess is it was for calling people to join the army in 1914? regards, Gaston
  13. yes, and i wonder if more will surface ;-) Thanks for this topic, because else i wouldn't have gotten them. regards, Gaston
  14. Hello Pete, The "Pirmasenser" medaillion is definately NOT dutch. You might find some information if you search for it typed as one word. regards, Gaston
  15. Those are some GREAT additions, thanks for showing again! noticed the regimental too, will post a few tonight regards, Gaston
  16. Here are two of me, variation of the amtstr?gerabzeichen. They were mentioned at the beginning of the post, but the pictures disappeared over time perhaps?
  17. That looks just really too weird to be real, i'd love to get only one ribbonbar with just one of those devices on it for real? But braunschweiger mini and such? no way...??? and indeed, where did he get those parts all from????
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