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    Very nice piece, but the date on it says Decemember 1945...The Flag displayed is not the 1945 flag of Iraq

    1945 is the printed year on this piece? It looks like a card holder????

    Thank you for sharing:

    SSG Luna, Lorenzo

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    Thanks for your reply L. I think this ingot was minted in the 70`s, would that explain the incorrect flag. What did the flag look like in the 40`s? I think I`m right in thinking that there in the process of making a new one?

    Hi Gordon

    The flag on the item is the 1963-91 version.

    History of the Iraqi flag






    2008 to present

    Here is the 1921-1959 flag.

    Regards Eddie.

    Edited by Taz
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    I think I`m right in saying that they changed their flag after the first gulf war to this. I believe it makes some reference in the writing the mother of all battles, or something like that but I maybe wrong.

    Hi Blackbird,

    That's the 1991-2004 flag adopted on 13th January 1991.

    The meaning of the three stars was changed from their original geographic meaning to representations of the three tenets of the Ba'ath party motto, Wahda, Hurriyah, Ishtirakiyah (Unity, Freedom, Socialism). Saddam Hussein decreed to place the Takbir (the words Allaahu Akbar (God is Great)) between the stars. It is said (though unconfirmed) that the words on the flag were in Saddam?s own handwriting, and many interpreted the change as an attempt to garner support from the Islamic world in the period immediately preceding the first Gulf War.

    Indeed the 1921-1959 one is very similar to the German Arab Free Corps badge.

    Regards Eddie.

    Edited by Taz
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