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    Luftschutzpolizei EM Schirmmutze

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    Although certainly not the most beautiful, nor sought after of the police caps this must rank amongst the least encountered and rare in numbers produced.

    I must say that this is certainly the most cheaply produced TR schirmmutze that I have ever examined. It is truely a late war/material shortage production. The cap body is an extremely light weight Luftwaffe gray wool. The brim is very thin fiber that can be easily bent and broken by finger pressure alone. The sweatband is impregnated cloth and the liner basically gauze. The kokarde black base is cheap cardboard. Everything about this cap is the cheapest possible that would allow a smart appearance. Not servicable, and obviously not intended for daily wear.

    I have no doubt it is original production. The quality of materials would seem to be in keeping with the late introduction of this cap, as well as the relative unimportance of the organization. I am convinced that very few of these caps were produced as the Luftschutzpolizei by the introduction date of this uniform was basically an air raid debris removal squad, and the opportunity to wear a "dress" uniform was all but non-existant.

    I believe this cap was made for some administrative member of the organization, or perhaps a musician, certainly not one of the guys working at air raid scenes.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I've never seen one before, in all the wartime photos I've encountered. Congratulations-- it's miraculous something so flimsy has survived!

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