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    Wasserschutzpolizei EM Schirmmutze

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    I recently obtained this Wasserschutzpolizei NCO cap. It is unusual in that it is of "navy" form rather than civil police.

    After careful examination I can make the following conclusions about it:

    1. It is indeed an authentic period produced naval pattern cap, made by one of a myriad of unknown makers which produced caps for the navy. The construction and materials are consistant with the period. The cap band is sewn down to the body during manufacture and is not a seperate piece as is the case on most post war caps and reproductions. The wear and soiling as well as the condition of the alcohol based lacquer chinstrap finish and pseudo leather sweatband convince me of it's period manufacture and use.

    2. The insignia and fittings are authentic, and of period manufacture, both the eagle and kokarde being war time zinc.

    3. Finally, and most importantly, the police insignia, kokarde, and side buttons appear to be totally original to this cap. There is NO evidence of additional holes, either from sewing or from prong attachments either in the cap body or the cap band. This cap appears to have NEVER had an eagle sewn or attached to the upper front, nor is there any evidence of a naval type bullion wreath ever having been sewn to the band, nor a metal wreath having been pinned through same. The police eagle is very tightly applied, and the attachment prongs are actually bent around the front stiffener, suggesting that the insignia was applied during manufacture. There are no extra holes "under the hood" as it were.

    In conclusion I feel that this hat is indeed an authentic Wasserschutzpolizei used cap. Period photographs show "naval pattern (leather, rimmed visor)" caps like this one in use by WSP personnel, as well as "police pattern (Unrimmed vulcanfiber visors)" caps. I am consequently pleasently surprised to believe that this cap has survived intact, and is a representative example of a war time WSP nco's schirmmutze/service cap.

    Of course, as these caps are rarely encountered with any provenance, and known authentic examples are rare to say the least, any other opinions, observations and/or problems with my analysis are welcomed.


    William Unland

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    Here is a closer view of the insignia. The photos have been lightened to show the cloth details better, but washes out the shiny eagle finish. No evidence of sewing or prongs where a navy cap eagle would have been attached.

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    Might this be (something I have only seen as artwork reconstructions) wartime Marine K?stenpolizei?

    This is the first one I have ever seen!!! How do you guys do it? HAve you ever seen a uniform for this branch?

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    Dear Rick,

    My understanding is that the coastal police were basically navy guys and wore navy uniforms with an armband or cuffband.

    Their officers were Wasserschutzpolizei and would have worn WSP uniforms. Yes, I guess this might have been used by a WSP nco assigned to the coastal police.

    Dear Paul,

    I know of only one WSP tunic, at least that I have seen. This branch was VERY small and the uniforms were used after the war in exactly the same pattern sans eagle, so they were worn out and discarded. Few have survived. Same with the caps.


    Bill Unland

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    Side view showing typical "floppy" navy type pattern cap body, although to be sure this example is not as exaggerated as many, and may have been intended for other than navy use.


    Any marker iside?

    All the best


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