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    Hello Gents

    I have another feldpost which I could use some help with. :beer:

    Any help with the translation on the content, address, names etc gratefully recieved

    Also the Major has a ribbonbar of I think 9 awards? It is very small on the original pic and I have zoomed in as best I can without the pic distorting too much.

    Thanks Rob


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    Guest Rick Research

    Fritzaugust (yup, one word) HOPFEN, born in Berlin 16 June 1867, died 1945

    Sekondeleutenant 17.12.91



    Major 18.12.12 V on the staff of J?ger Regiment zu Pferde 7 when the war started

    Oberstleutnant 22.3.18 O

    charakterisiert Oberst aD

    last command of the war was Kavallerie Sch?tzen Kommando 45 (wherever and whatever THAT was)

    On the front it says (typos and all)

    "Maj Hopfen Komdeur I.R. 346

    kenst du ihm noch?"

    (Major Hopfen Commander IR 346

    do you recognize/remember him?)

    Very small and very blurry and he does not seem to be wearing everything he could have/should have.

    Before the war he had a Red Eagle Order 4 (RAO4), Ernestine House Order Knight 2nd (EH3b), and 1897 Centenary Medal

    KNOWN awards during the war =

    Hohenzollern House Order 3rd Class with Swords (HOH3X) gazetted on 15.2.17

    Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th Class with Crown and Swords 31.3.15

    ribbon bar =

    1) Iron Cross 2nd

    2) HOH3X

    3) RAO4

    4) cannot be sure since washed out

    5) his 1897 medal?

    6) cannot be sure washed out

    7) same again alas (looks most like a Hamburg Hanseatic Cross ?)

    8) Austro-Hungarian Order of the Iron Crown with War Decoration (?EK3K) with a GODET made device (see below)

    9) ? Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Calss with War Decoration (?M3K)

    Presumably one of the "white" flashed out blurs is his BMV4XmKr, but cannot acount for his absent EH3b

    VERY distinctive device on that next to last ribbon --

    Message to

    R. B?kenhans

    Essen a(m) R(hein)

    Steinmetz (Strasse) 37

    EXTREMELY poor handwriting (and this guy could not spell :banger: )

    "On 20.6.17

    Dear Richard.....

    ............ received

    card for birthday.

    Hopefully... you have better

    hotel than I do here. ( :rolleyes::cheeky: ) From now

    on well and ................

    ............. your bro August"

    By the way, his unit was NOT listed in the gazetting of his HOH3X, so :cheers:

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    last command of the war was Kavallerie Sch?tzen Kommando 45 (wherever and whatever THAT was)

    Kavallerie-Sch?tzen-Kommando 45 was assembled in early May 1918 from the staff of 45. Kavallerie-Brigade and formed part of 6. Kavallerie-Sch?tzen-Division on the Western Front.

    It mainly consisted of Husaren-Regiment Nr. 13, J?ger-Regiment-zu-Pferd Nr. 13, Reserve-Dragoner-Sch?tzen-Regiment Nr. 7 and 5. Eskadron/Ulanen-Regiment Nr. 13. Most of the men in these units were dismounted cavalrymen used as infantry, with some reinforcements provided by younger men combed out of units following the 1917 ceasefire in the East.

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