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    Today i received a package after a rather long waiting period. The package does contain what is commonly disregarded and known within the collecting world as a KVK 2 e class with swords.

    Am i now going crazy that i suddenly love KVK's? Well yes, probably i am :rolleyes::speechless::speechless1:

    But no need to worry => it is a cross with a very historical significance.

    The cross was awarded during 1944 towards a youngster (16 years old at that time) for his participation and actions in saving the 'Dom - Aachen'.

    The Dom is today protected as Unesco Wold Heritance, and it did survive the very violant second world war. To potect that cathedral a grouping of youngsters formed a saving unit who did through the complete war protect the church. This grouping did go into world history as the "Domwache".

    The content of the package is the one and only awarded KVK 2 e class towards a former member of this grouping. The rest of the youngsters did earn the Luftschutz Medal 2 nd. class for their actions. This KVK did make it into my hands directly from the former owner.

    Yes, yes => i will keep you guys a bit in tention before a picture is shown.

    For me a superb action wich resulted in the awarding of a award, brave civilian kids wich do deserve my deepest respect :cheers:

    Cordial greetings,

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    Hello Paul,

    I can't say iff he is the youngest recipient, most probably not. All i can say is that when one does know the history and background of these youngsters that a award as this one does get a very significant place in history.

    Here is the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2 e Klasse with Swords.

    This cross is awarded on 30.04.1944, it was so called for his efforts, and i quote ' f?r tapferen Einsatz bei dem Terrorangriff auf Aachen am 11.04.1944'.

    The caption on the award paper (there is never given a real award document) does in fact only does mention 1 particular day, the date: 11.04.1944 was the day in wich the historical city of Aachen was very heavely hit. The Feuerlosschgr?ppe Dom was actually grounded in july 1941 and existed besides the leader (dr. Buchkremmer) out of approx 18 youngsters between 13 and 16 years old at that time.

    This squad of youngsters did contain at its maximum 16 boys and 2 girls. The youngsters did come and go during its existance during WWII and there where approx. arround 10 youngsters involved in the firesquad actions at the same time arround the 'Dom'.

    It is thanks towards their brave action that the 'Dom' is today still in existance and IMHO iff one does read the book" Aachens Dom im Feuersturm - Die tausend kriegsn?chte der M?dchen und Jungen der Domwache 1941 - 1945 " this does make one think quite differently on what the many civilians did sacrifice to help otehr people and even a today lowely regared award is suddenly a treasure, at least in my eyes.

    Therefore, here is the cross - maker marked : 45 in the ring.

    Cordial greetings,

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    And here a bit of the backgroundhistory as can be found on the net:


    So boys and gals, next time you see a lonely KVK think twice before simply laughing at such a humble award. The person who did earn it once did probably risk his life to help his fellow civilians and the cross you ar elooking at can be the simple remambrance of the tragic happenings during that period => so remember :jumping:

    Cordial greetings,

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