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I regret that you have what is 99% certain to be a brand new parts fraud.

I am sure this is one of the recent European-made Frankensteins on an original metal backing. The combination in this precedence and the devices make no sense. The mini EK fashion device is PRE 3rd Reich. The lack of a CORRECT crown and swords on the supposed "Hohenzollern" in 2nd place makes no sense. One of the most overworked frauds currently out there is the use of Rumanian war ribbon with X to mock a Hessian Philipps Order... and the HT after the HCX makes no sense.

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Ohh well another bad seller out there !

It feels like 7 out of ten ribbon bars nowadays are fake ones, ten years ago it felt like the opposite.

It seems to go the same way as TR awards, a lot of fakes and very few real items.

Well not so much money and a new seller on my black list :banger:

There are a lot of sellers from Germany/Austria now selling fakes.

Anyway Happy Easter to all of you and Thanks God for Bulgaria! Not many fakes there (so far) :rolleyes:


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