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  1. Aha, Thanks Rick ! This Leutnant Goesta Nils Arvid Bruzelius had in the rang list of 1923 following awards: Austria Military MeritCross 3 cl with war decoration and swords Military merit medal in Silver w swords Military Merit medal in Bronce w swords Mobilization Cross 1912/13 He was born July 24th 1885 and had no swedish awards in 1923, he must have had joined the Austrian Army and fought in WW1 . An interesting story I?ll see if I can find out some more of this fighter in a foreign Army. He was at a Cavalry regiment nr 2 in the south of Sweden, died 1970. Christer
  2. Hi all collector Friends, I am now working with a "BIG" project. Listing all Swedish officers with foreign awards at this moment I am lsiting Austrian awards and found a interesting fact. A Swedish officer who had been awarded with the Karl Truppen Kreuz among other awards. What was the rules for KTK ? I thought it only whent to Austian citizens ?? Anyone has any info Christer
  3. Very Nice Set Rick, I didnt know they awarded theese posthumous ! First one I have seen Christer
  4. I won this ribbon bar today, what do you think about it? EK II NC 1870?- Preuss War Aid ( or KR O ?? ) - RA O ? - 1870 NC - LS - 1897 or is it EK II NC 1914 - War Aid - Hamburg - Ehrenkreuz f?r Witwen - LS - 1897 ??? as the seller claims ? I just love NC ribbon bars Christer
  5. Thanks Rick, you are the Greatest!! And you are right, he do look like McNee .... And now I have ask myself why I didn?t bought the Saxon band XXIX band , perhaps Daniel has a copy left? Think if naughty Kurt could now what interest hes old ribbon bar caused about 70 years after I kind of like the "against all rules" , putting hes 1912 EH3a on the bar. Now I can go to bed ( it?s 23.00 in Sweden) and dreaming of...... yes Diana Rigg ! All the best from Sweden, good night Christer
  6. I got it !! Now can someone tell me who this Saxon hero was! And what is the medals on his bar??? Christer
  7. Thanks Hardy for the Great Map ! It really adds some coluor to the story, It would be interesting to visit the area where he fell, I have a lot to places to visit when I retire..... Christer
  8. Ohh well another bad seller out there ! It feels like 7 out of ten ribbon bars nowadays are fake ones, ten years ago it felt like the opposite. It seems to go the same way as TR awards, a lot of fakes and very few real items. Well not so much money and a new seller on my black list There are a lot of sellers from Germany/Austria now selling fakes. Anyway Happy Easter to all of you and Thanks God for Bulgaria! Not many fakes there (so far) Christer
  9. Hi ! Bought this yesterday , (sellers Pic) but what is it? EK + roter Adler + Hessen Philip ? + HEK + Hessen + ? I will post better pics when i get it , but what do you think? Is the combo possible? All the best from sweden Christer
  10. Hi ! Anyone got some info about F?silier Rgt 122 in May 1917 or about Unteroffizier Anton Frick ? I got a small lot of photos and papers from him and would like to learn some more, he was KIA May 1917 but I dont know where Any info at all would be appricated If I get something, I will return with a short story . All the best Christer
  11. Hi all. and good morning (well in Sweden its morning now ) I just noticed that the card is stamped Rumbler Weissbaden but I don?t suppose that help anuthing? I don?t even know where Weissbaden is Christer
  12. A new card, a Leutnant from W?rttemberg with Friedrich Cross ws and EK II and I I think there is a 8 x ? on his shoulderboards ? Any more info from someone? Regards from sweden Christer
  13. let me present Arthur Bruno Helm Unteroffizier d res in 3 Komp Ers Inf Rgt 32 In war from 2 Aug 1914 then in Brig Ers Batl 63 16 Aug transferred to Ers Inf Rgt 32 From 20 Aug 1914 he was figting in France among other places he was at Verdun for almost two months in 1917 He was awarded the Iron Cross II 17 July 1916, and the EK I 10 Nov 1918 also FAM in Bronce 5 Feb 1918 and 1 month after FAM in Silver 7 March 1918 The day after he got hes EK I he was captured by the French 11 Nov 1918 and was released Februari 1920 He was 29 Years old and could at last go home to Dresden again A interesting story just from a small ribbon bar and a n old Military record Christer
  14. Sometimes a small and common object can tell a great story. Here is a example ! A small ribbon bar with only three awards, nothing much too see, a typical Saschen EK decvice but value? maybe 10 $ , but what is the story behind such bar? Wait and see... Christer
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