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Red Front Girls...

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here's something unusual. I bought this ages ago and in rereading the Nazi Seizure of power (about Nordheim, a history classic) I was intrigued to read about the Red Front bringing in bands for their parades. I suspect this may be a Red Front marching band given the instruments (all designed to keep a beat) and the 'uniforms'. It has 1929 on the back.

Alas, the caps do not sport the red front star, but one cap and the belts seem to have a tree motiv.

Any thought?

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Very interesting picture. Looks like they didn't have much to work with by the way the drummers have their drums attached around their waistes. You say the belt buckles and the one hat have a "tree" motif on them. The cap badge that is visible looks vaugely like the old Luft Hansa emblem which in reality was a bird of very similar design to the present day Lufthansa emblem. Luft Hansa is not a typo but the original name of the airline. White coveralls might be readily available to people who worked for Luft Hans. Just a wild guess on my part.



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Hi everybody,

I find something in my book about Red Front (Roter Frontkampferbund). The uniform that I see do not have correspondence with those of the photo also the cap (mutze). The emblem of the RFKB ws a fist on a circle and was on the mutze and the belt. It is possible that it seems the tree that you see? I post my badge to compare what you see on photo.


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