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    Hallo gentlemen,

    can someone help me find informatition about this officer. All infos i have are:

    Rittmeiter Busche-Streithorst served in K?nigl. S?chsischen Garde-Reiter-Regiment (G.R.R) until 1917.

    EK2 (11.09.14)

    AO2X (?.10.14)

    MStHO (?.04.16)

    Braunschweig KVK (13.04.16)

    Beobachter Abz. (13.07.15)

    EK1 (05.05.16)

    Eiserner Halbmond (?)

    I have unconfirmed information that he died Dec. 1917 in Palestine.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Karl Kuno Klamor Albert Ren? Freiherr von dem Bussche-Streithorst

    born 2 April 1888 in Dresden, twin brother of Albrecht (1888- killed in action in Finland 29.4.18), sons of KS Major aD/Oberhofmarschall Hilmar (died 1918) Frh v dem B-S and Civile n?e Baronin van Hardenbroek van's Heeraartsberg und Berchambacht.

    killed in a crash at Afuleh airfield near Nazareth 17 December 1917

    Served in K. S. Garde-Reiter-Regiment until 26 April 1915

    Flieger Ersatz Abteilung 3 26.4.-4.6.15

    Flieger Abteilung 63 4.6.15 to 26.10.16

    Flieger Ersatz Abt 6 26.10.16 to 15.5.17

    Staff of the Command of Flying Replacement Units (Kdo Flg Ers Abteilungen) 15.5.-13.7.17

    Flieger Ersatz Abteilung 11 13.7 to 1.10.17

    Flieger Abteilung 392 1,10.17 to his death

    EK2 (11.09.14) gazetted on that date

    SA3bX (30.10.14)

    StH3 (24.12.15) "has made numerous flights over enemy lines while with the Beskiden Corps ... reports of decisive importance have been brought back by him."

    Braunschweig KVK (13.04.16) gazetted 11.8.16 but I cannot confirm its actual date

    Beobachter Abz. (13.07.15)

    EK1 (05.05.16) gazetted on that date

    Eiserner Halbmond (?)

    BMV4 gazetted 8.3.13

    F?hnrich 27.4.07

    Leutnant 24.1.08

    Oberleutnant 27.1.15

    Rittmeister 21.5.17

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    The following may be of interest:

    Here is another v.d.Bussche-Streithorst.

    Maj. Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche-Streithorst

    DoB 20 Apr. 1919, Braunschweig

    DoD 26.Jan.1993 Switzerland.

    German Cross in Gold 15.Dec.1941,

    Anerkennungsurkunde 25.Jan.1944,

    Knights Cross 7.Mar.1944 as Hptm. I./Gren.Rgt.9.

    Lost one leg on the eastern front. Note the regiment he belonged to.

    Was involved in one plot to kill A.H. but never discovered as such.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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