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Nazi paper money

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Basically someone has taken what has traditionally been a standard entry-level collector note with valid history behind it worth about 1.50 USD and turned it into a completely worthless (numismatically speaking) rag that will probably end-up being burnt by any collector with common-sense - or cut to eliminate the erroneous SS stamp on it by some diehard purist.

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Pure fantasy items, ebay over the last year has been full of notes stamped to SS Units, Para Units,

99.9% chance the note is real and 99.9% chance the stamp is fake.

Just another scam to part suckers from there 99.9% real cash. :lol:

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Cheers guys, I thought this might be the case. I like to think I`m well read up on the whole NAZI loot story, which is why I was curious when I spotted these on ebay, as I`d never heard of it before, I mean why would they want to stamp notes anyway? Maybe if they`d seized them from a camp or something, but if they were genuine I`m sure there`d be loads of info/reports about them, and why Reichsmarks, and not other currency from the occupied countries. Yeh, I think we can put this one to bed, as nonsense.

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Hallo BJOW :beer:

the reason for the stamp is to interest all the neo-nazi types to part with the dosh, specifically those who would not have the intelligence to even consider researching the subject, but just have to have the haken kreuz ss stampy thingy in their possession. :speechless:

Kevin in Deva :cheers:

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I have a HUGE collection of "authentic" bank notes stamped by

The Illuminati

The Trilateral Commission

and other organizations SO secret, regretably I would have to kill you all if you found out. :catjava:

But those all use "authentic" secret ink which can ONLY be viewed with the CORRECT Magic Glasses, which is how we recognize each other transacting "normal" business at supermarkets and fast food chains. (Many of our senior members "work" at fast food chains. :rolleyes: )

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