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This thread back to top with two questions:

the Z?hringer on my medal bar had been fixed with yellow thread. Usually, this indicated a knight's cross 1st class. Sure this one wasn't? I guess it was, but here I was told it had rather been a 2nd class.

and a question on Wild Card's :love: von Froben bar: could someone please check in the rank lists, when he got his four orders about? I don't ask for the awarding dates, just if he got them in 1902, in 1906 or 1910. This question does have a special reason. Thanks in advance. :) ;)

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Nah ah! :shame: Didn't say it WAS a BZ3b... just that nobody from Baden seemed to match for a BZ3a. Ripped off so cruelly from the medal bar, it's GONE, after all.

Now that I am older but still just as wise, I think you are correct about the yellow thread-- got any good NAMES to verify?

Von Froben got his KO4 and BMV4 between 1910-12, his SA3b between 1912-13, and the Chilean award 1913-14 Rank List editions.

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Okay, then it's rather a 1st class, nice. :)

You know, I'd like to add this at some time, when I got one for an affordable price, and adding something it shalt be the right one. ;):rolleyes:

Von Froben got his KO4 and BMV4 between 1910-12, his SA3b between 1912-13, and the Chilean award 1913-14 Rank List editions.
Now thanks for that! :catjava:

With (according to H. Volle) just about 100 of the 1906 medal awarded to mostly very "special" persons (e.g. "soldiers in service in 1856 and still in 1906" :speechless: ) there cannot be to many with just these three in 1906, can they? With your information I'd say this bar might be v. Froben's, but there may be some more officers with that trio - unlikely, but still possible. Thanks!


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Once more to top with this thread. I still have not found the guy of my medal bar, but have a simple question: what grade of Chilean merit order is this? I'd say it is an "officer's cross", but rank list only gives CV1/2/3...

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On 31/03/2008 at 17:44, Rick Research said:

I suspect he was the son of General der Artillerie aD Anton Freiherr von Froben (1839-1910) and Mathilde geb. Deimling (1842-19??).

As usual, Rick was right: According to Edmund von der Becke-Klüchtzner's 1886 Stamm-Tafeln des Adels des Großherzogthums Baden: ein neu bearbeitetes Adelsbuch he was indeed Anton v. Froben's son: Their third child and only son, assuming there weren't any younger siblings born after the source was published in 1886. Becke-Klüchtzner is a great reference to the nobility in Baden, but it's a shame it seems it was published only once, in 1886...


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