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Here are a few new photos from last weekend.

The huge fleamarket at the Theresienwiese in Munich, the place where the Oktoberfest takes place, was last Friday and Saturday.

There are about 2000 sellers on this fleamarket.

I was on my feet from 05:00 h in the morning to 15:00 h in the afternoon. Couldn't feel my feet the next day.

The results were okay, not as good as last year, but okay.

Here are some interesting ones:

A series of Ulanen, nice details:


On the back it says: Hagenau 1910

and two names: "Rittmeister Schm?ckel" and " Reiter Bethge" (not sure about the "B")


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and now one I like best:

Mailed 1911

it reads " ... here You see Your grand-son on watch.... "

These Ulanen-photos came together with lots of old postcards. Many of them are adressed to a Baron von Waldenfels in Munich.


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When I was at home, I read the writing on the back. Hard to read this handwriting, but a few words are clear:

That was the 35th air-victory of the Red Baron.

What I can read is:

" 35. Luftsieg des Frh. von Richthofen bei Granelle (?) der Abschuss erfolgte vormittags zwischen 10 und 11 Uhr. Der Absturz ............. 600 m n?rdlich Granelle im ........ und ..........."

and the second one:

" 35. Luftsieg des Frh. von Richthofen bei Granelle. Der englische Flieger war schwer verst?mmelt. Die zersplitterten ????? drangen durch den Scho?, vom Kopf .... die Hand ....."

Well, without being able to read all words, we can read about the severe wounds that happened to this english pilot.

So much about the "Knight's of the Air" !

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There are some tank photos too

Interesting is the writing on the tank:

" Nicht besch?digen, wird fahrbar gemacht" - " Do not damage, will be repaired again "

and another one, which tank is that ?

Enough for today, tonorrow I post some more.

Have to get ready for another nightshift now.

Kind regards


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