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The K?RZETI MEGBIZOTT was a badge worn by policeman in the HUPR to indicate a specific responsibility. K?RZETI translates as "DISTRICT" and MEGBIZOTT " as "in charge of". As is often the case, wearing this badge does not indicate that wearer was in charge of an entire district. My information, at this time, indicates that if it is worn by a policeman in a city he was responsible for a dozen streets or so. If worn by a policeman in the countryside he would be responsible for 3-4 villages. I would suspect that he had other police officers working for him but I have more research to do about the badge before I confirm this point. I do know that it could be worn by NCOs or Officers. It was worn centred over the right breast pocket. The badge is 35mm in diametre.

The badge itself is done in high grade enamel and made up of three parts. The circular base, the wreath and the star. The wreath and the star are indentical to the police cap badge of the period. The wreath and star are held onto the base by a single rivet. This position still exists in the Hungarian police to this day but I do not know if they wear a badge to indicate that they occupy this specific position.



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