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    ANZAC with Military Medal called Claude

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    The unit badge is a two coloured diamond, the upper half being paler than the lower half. I would have thought that there were a limited number of Claude's in the ANZAC forces who were awarded the Military Medal, how many are in the roll ?

    Ah, well I didn't notice the upper section, I thought that I was looking at a triangular badge. I can at least narrow it down for you slightly, see link below.




    Edit: There are no Claude's on the Nominal Roll, so I am assuming that is his first name. I put in a search at these three links. Guess you will have to do it the hard way, and get a copy of the MM's awarded.




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    i cannae see any medals on him in the photo!!

    paul,consult the members on the light horse forum-->http://www.lighthorse.org.au, i am sure they can fill you in wi more info on your chap than we can dae

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    This is one of my latest finds while wandering the Parisien flea markets last weekend. On the reverse it has written "Votre Ami, Claude". I am presuming Claude is the ANZAC in the photo wearing the Military Medal. Can anyone help to identify him ?

    The patch is the 20th, 25th or 30th Bn i reckon it's the 20thBN the colours are white on top with the lower half red....Claude would be his first name ther is no last name Claude in the nominal roll with that patch good luck in your search


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