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Today my wife has given to me a special gift. Some nice photos of several officers with medal bar. The two aren't id. I have read the RL 1925 and find nothing for the moment; Probably Rick will have the answer like always

Here are the photos


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The wartime Hauptmann iG-- no. Too many with the three Orders, no Lippe Roll for the LKr-- and I suspect he ended up with MORE awards. So if anybody recognizes his FACE...

The Reichsheer officer-- can you see what number is on his shoulder boards-- or is there a photographer's address?

EK1,2, VAbz i Schwarz, WM3, WF3bX, ?M3K =

EITHER (from 1924-- it is a pre-1926 photo from the chinstrap on his cap)

Karl ALLMENDINGER, Rittmeister 1.1.23 #8 in Reiter Rgt 18 (later General der Infanterie, born 1891)


Hubert LANZ, Oberleutnant 18.10.18 #26 in Inf Rgt 14 (later General der Gebirgstruppen, 1896-1982)

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