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    Bought this lot last week

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    I?ve been back home for a few days and below is a pic of what I brought back, unfortunately I didn?t find any of it in fields, I paid for the lot except the yummy rum and raisin fudge which was sent to me by Mike Huxley. Thanks again Mike but, is it also sold in 2lb slabs?

    As you can see, I?m quite partial to the odd Princess Mary tin and Somme book (although one of them doesn't really belong in the Brit/Commonwealth forum). I also picked up a great German book called Infantrist Perhobstler which I recommend to anyone who can read German.


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    Thanks everyone.

    Keith, I got them from antique type shops, Amazon and ebay.

    The single BWM was an ebay buy which has my name on it.

    The trio with original ribbons came from the Lanes in Brighton and cost me ?50 which I thought was ok for a non casualty RFA/RA trio with a common name (King).

    I bought the other trio way up north in a little village near Telford (where it is damp and misty and the locals drive tractors or 4 WD cars. I wouldn't be surprised if they still have dragons up there either) for the going rate. It belonged to a Pte. Troughear of the Royal Scots (non casualty) so if anyone knows how to pronounce his name please tell me, I'm calling him Troff-ear at the moment.

    I also visited a few other shops and the KSLI museum in Shrewsbury with fellow member Dave B (who is usually only to be found in the German forums) and may have got him interested in WWI Brit stuff.

    The books came from Amazon but I'm reading the German one (Infantrist Perhobstler) first, although I've had a quick look at a few pages in the other two and they appear to be very good too.

    Both pencils in the tins are Sterling silver stamped which was an added bonus and I picked the cards up a while ago but had to collect them from my Mum's. You never can have enough Princess Mary items.

    Gilbert, I walked around Catford for nearly a whole day with a big sign saying "where's Gilbert" but didn't see you. I spent the rest of the day in traffic down Streatham High Street.


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    Sorry I mssed you Tony, as far as I remember I was on Daddy Duty that day :D .

    In fact, I haven't had much time for the forums recently, but I HAVE been busy working on my Southeast London collection (Royal west Kent 11th and 20th London Battalions), should be posting up some of my goodies soon.



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    so whats the verdict on "Tommy at Gemmecourt" ?

    I have the Sheldon one (of course.... its a must have.)

    I really enjoyed it and am surprised that Tom wasn't killed or didn't die as a POW. It only costs a few quid so go out and buy it, it's written by the soldier's grandson.

    I do have a special interest in the book though, as I have the diary of Sid Dore (he always gets a mention when talking about the Somme) who was killed while advancing to the German lines at Gommecourt on 1.7.16 although in a different unit to Tommy Higgins in the book.

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