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They're both printed-- you can tell by the little missing spots in the color and lack of overlapping brush strokes from a real pen.

here's an actual autograph from Adolf's predecessor-- note the "ebb and flo" of the actual ink as it thins out by the end of his signature:

Also, there were very definite minimum for the senior rank/civil service job levels which got that level of signature, so you can tell IMMEDIATELY by what the actual promotion was FOR.

So: what ARE the promotions for?

And what other potentially interesting Semi Exalted Personage "counter" signed them? :catjava:

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Ah, yeah-- Constantin Hierl. :cheers: The Lieutenant Colonel level RAD doctor? I can NOT find :banger: that from when it was posted BEFORE Chris found the 1938 RAD Rank List-- post it again, and I'll see what that guy was in 1938 (yours was wartime as I recall?) ANNNNNNNNND have some mVERY interesting information for you regarding the senior RAD Medical Corps. :rolleyes:

Post the full documents, please.

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Here we are... Dr. Erich Smolnig, (1903 - 1995), General practitioners and specialists doctor of radiology' A-9021 Klagenfurt / Carinthia, Bahnhofstrasse 67

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