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    Anyone out there collect tinnies ?

    I have started collecting them steadily and intend to concentrate on them a lot more.

    I would like to hear from any one out there who specialises in them ?

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    Guest Atilla Jones

    Used to collect them way back, when the average price was ?5. Like everything they are being made again. Great bits of social history though.

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    I'm not a collector of them per se, but I pick them up when I see a nice one.

    Here is a rare one, be careful if you see one on sale, it appears to have been recently faked. This design was only very occasionly seen on the market until about 15 months ago, now they are cropping up on a monthly basis. There are major differences though, note that on a genuine one the bottom left of the right rune runs into/behind the skull......



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    Interesting tinnie Don.

    It never fails to amaze me the efforts the fakers go to. But I suppose its understandable for SS tinnies which demand high prices (as far as tinnies go that is). However I was in Vienna a few months back and I even found reproductions of the Seefahrt Ist Not tiinie which is as common as they come.


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    I love that pic of the young fella!

    Looking at his tie and the band with swaz it made me wonder if this little piece of cloth with swaz that i picked up recently, is for that very purpose!

    Interesting to say the least....

    Can anyone confirm this...or is it for something else??

    I also picked up a Silk handkercheif, ( well thats what size it is!) which is in the form of the Nazi flag period i am sure but no markings ( has a couple of moth holes)

    Enclosed is the pic of the Wee tie band.

    Thanks Gents! smile.gif



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    • 5 months later...

    I have an almost complete collection of May Day (Tag der Arbeit) and Reichsparteitag tinnies, as well as a few others (some already posted individually). I just have to dig them out and I will have quite a few to add to this post.

    Here's one to start with, I thought it was a Ferrari tinnie, apparently it is a Westphalen/Nordrheim tinnie. A nice stamped early one though.


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