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A Red Banner for Mass Heroism

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This is a neat citation that I just recently got in. I picked up this Red Banner from a dealer in Europe about four months ago for around $45. Not a bad price nowadays, I don't think! So, I researched it and here's what came back...


1. Last Name, First Name, Middle Name: Tsibulevskii, Matvei Davidovich

2. Military Rank: Guards Major.

3. Place of Service: Deputy Commander of Political Detachment, 174th Guards Rifle Division, 57th Guards Rifle Novo-Burskoi Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2nd Class Division.

Recommended for: Order of the Red Banner.

4. Year of Birth: 1904.

5. Nationality: Jewish.

6. Party Membership: Member of the VKP/b/ since 1924.

7. Service in the Civil War, in later Battles in Service of the USSR and in the GPW (when and where): In the Great Patriotic War since 22 June 1941 on the South-West Front

8. Have any Wounds or Contusions in the Great Patriotic War: None.

9. From Which Time with the Red Army: From 1919 to 1925 and since 1932.

10. Received Which Awards (from which order): Medal ?20 Years of the RKKA?, Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class from Prikaz 8 Guards Army 219/n 6.05.44.

11. Home Address: City of Chkapov, Chmoskintsev n 2a. Wife Motovskaya-Tsibulevskaya Ida Yakovlevna

Short Concrete Description of Excellent Military Action or Service.

For the mass heroism of the regiment?s personnel. Comrade Tsybulevskii, in the leading role as the representative of the Communist Party personally led the regiment to victory in the severe battles at the Dnister bridgehead. This brave fighting was under the direct control of Comrade Tsybulevskii, he used regimental personnel and raw reinforcements to fulfill Comrade Stalin?s order #70.

Having crossed the Dnister, at dawn on 11 May the regiment was attacked by the counter-attacking enemy. Our personnel were caught under drenching artillery fire, strong attacks of enemy aviation that didn?t even stop for a minute, massed attacks of enemy infantry which came one after another further supported by enemy tanks and self-propelled artillery. This intense attack created a situation that required intensive will and utter devotion to the Motherland, particularly as the raw troops began to falter. The attacks continued through both 11 and 12 May, where our troops were punished by 32 enemy counterattacks with the continued support of 25 to 30 enemy tanks.

During this time, Comrade Tsybulevskii, employing the materials and personnel at hand, destroyed 16 tanks, 2 self-propelled guns, 3 armored personnel carriers and over 1500 soldiers and officers. In his role as the Deputy Regiment Commander, Guards Major Tsbulevskii?s victories had an enormously decisive role in holding the bridgehead over the Dnister.

After skillfully distributing his party and political staff throughout the combat sectors, and ensuring the correct number of communists in combat, Comrade Tsybulevskii repeatedly appeared at the at the decisive points in the fighting on the front lines and inspired the soldiers with his Bolshevistic word and personal example of heroism and bravery. On 12 May the enemy, employing a tremendous amount of tanks and infantry began to press on a single unit. Comrade Tsybulevskii appeared at the unit, and shouted: ?The Guardsmen do not retreat! Ahead! For the Motherland, for Stalin, follow me!? Rushing forward into the enemy guns, he carried our soldiers and officers with him. The adversary was thrown back and crushed. The objective was controlled.

Skillfully arranging his political staff, Comrade Tsybulevskii was able to further support the frontlines by ensuring the non-stop flow of ammunition to the regiment. Major Tsybulevskii M.D. deserves the governmental award ? the Order of the Red Banner.

Commander of the 174th Guards Rifle Regiment, 57th Guards Rifle

Novo-Burskoi Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2nd Class Division

/s/ Guards Major Kolmochorov

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What was the date of award? 127,703 should have fallen around 3 November 1944 BUT what's all that "screwback" solder doing on there? Has this been rescued from the hands of an Evile Retro-fitter?


The Ukaz date on the Red Banner is 14 August 1944. He also was awarded OGPW1st 39808, Red Star 947978 (long service), Red Banners 241042 and 317219 (long service.) It appears that he soldered on the screwpost himself, and then later removed it. He didn't do it to make it a "screwback" award. Most likely, he did it to solder on a hook or screw in order for it to stay on his uniform, as was common with some pilots and tankers.


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By the way, I've probably had 400-500 citations come through my hands, but this is by far the tightest writing I've ever seen! Sorry for the size (I'm still on probation) but even at 110kb, I don't think there's much reading to be done!


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