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    Thanks for your input Bernhard, appreciated. I put a search in google for Thransfarder Allee and it returned 'nothing found'. There is a Kronsforder Allee in Lubeck south of the town centre and I think it may be this?

    Any one else on the medal?

    Could it be "Kriegsdenkm?nze 1864 f?r K?mpfer" ?

    Ribbon matches I think?

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    Yes Webr55 I too thought of this....I thought these were only awarded to non-Germans? I will post full photo as I am sure he is German??

    I got this pic to go with my KDM w/Metz clasp and CM bar so its not imperative to me to find out what the mystery medal is I am just interested and curious to know. Maybe you are right Webr55, the ribbon and size of the medal could well be a "Krieger-Verdienstmedaille". ?

    Thanks for your input :cheers:


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