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    Early Red Banner to a Regimental Commissar

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    Zhil'tsov, Aleksej Semenovich, was a regimental commissar and well organized the Party-Political work in organizing personnel to conduct their combat missions.? He is himself fearless and courageous, setting a personal example for the soldiers and commanders in the face of the enemy.? In all the battles that the regiment has taken part in, Comrade Zhil'tsov, righly so, has been at the most critical points, leading combat operations.? On 30.12.42 (Editors note:? The writer is mistaken here, the date should be 41 and not 42...), when the regiment was located near Bagrinovo in a difficult situation and?the former regimental commander ran from the battlefield, Comrade Zhil'tsov personally directed combat operations of the regiment to the end, and then on that same day, led the regiment defending the village of Krivuevo.

    Comrade Zhil'tsov was in the very forward elements of the regiment which surrounded and exterminated a group of attacking fascists in the village of Nogaya on 19.1.42.? In the battles for the villages of Egino, V. Radomka, Melekhovo and others, Comrade Zhil'tsov was always in the forward elements of his regiment exhorting them to great deeds.? On 18.2.42 in the battle near the village of Vesima, Comrade Zhil'tsov, participating in the attack with regimental elements, was wounded in the head and leg, although he did not leave the field of battle until there were no more enemy soldiers.

    Comrade Zhil'tsov is a member of the divisional party committee, and strongly believes in the final victory of the party of Lenin and Stalin and of our motherland.? He has attained the right to be awarded the Order of the "Red Banner."

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