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Could this be who I think it is?

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Hello Everyone,

The other day I picked up some photo postcards in an antiques mall I frequent. This particular one caught my eye, it was far in the rear of the cabinet and I couldn't see it well but liked the officer and horse, so I purchased it for $6.00. It was titled, "Pre War German Officer on horse". The postcard photo was taken in 1911, I'm not sure of the postmark but I think it could be 13 Aug. 1911.

After I got it home and started to look at it closer the officer seemed familiar. The message on the back is simply signed "Paul".

Can anyone translate the message? This was removed from an album and the black is the black paper from the album.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

As to his identity please keep looking as the photos will follow below.

Many thanks.

Cheers :cheers:


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This is as close as I can get with my little 8.0 mp Kodak. I used my Photoshop, zoomed in as close as possible, printed it off and photographed the printout. Our scanner will not allow us to send images and we only use it as a photocopier so this is as good as I can get.

Here's is where it gets embarrassing. :blush: I would like to just ask if anyone can identify this officer but it is obvious I am hoping it is a photo of Paul von Hindenburg. I tried to compare this photo with others on the internet and for sale in e$cam but I can't find anything from the 1911 period. There are lots of photos of Hindenburg in the early 1930s and portrait paintings but nothing of him at this period.

What is your opinion?

Laughter at my question is expected, but try to be kind. :rolleyes:

:cheers: Cheers


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First of all, this guy is an NCO, not an officer. The photographer was located at Lockstedter Lager, a big training camp. He is not Hindenburg. :(


Thanks Chip,

I had a feeling that I would have to admit to my wife that she was correct.

Good thing I didn't buy it thinking it was Hindenburg in the first place.

Cheers :cheers:


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Hi Brian


[ich] bin wieder gut in H. [Hannover] angekommen.

Heute in 14 Tagen sind wir schon wieder fort von hier.

Schickt mir doch bitte diese Woche noch ein paar (?).

Hier in H. ist es doch noch w?rmer als oben auf dem ?bungsplatz [Lockstedter Lager].

Wie hat sich Mutter denn auf der Tour am?siert?

(?), ihr seid nun doch in diesen Jahren beide noch fort gewesen!

Mit lieben Gr??en verbleibe ich Euer


Very rough translation:

Arrived well in Hannover.

We will be away in 14 days.

Send me please some (?) (letters?).

Here it is warmer then on the training area.

Mother felt well on the tour?

You both had been away in this years!

Kind Regards




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