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    I recently obtained this nice grouping of documents and photo's from a good Forum friend in Germany. It consists of two award documents to a "Lt Edward Lieber" ... also a "Death Card" to a "Hpt Edward Lieber" formally of Reg 55, but serving when wounded with Res Inf Reg 81. The interesting part of the grouping is that it also includes pictures of his brothers and Edward wearing his St Michael silver Medal.

    The group is far from complete and is well mixed up. Never the less, a nice one, when looking into the service of those that served with this regiment.

    I could do with some help in trying to put together some background of the brothers ... so please contribute any help that you can.

    I'll start off with a scan of the two documents.

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    Moving on to senior brother "Clemens Lieber", he is the one standing back left in the group photo. A group of CDV's and a photo of him from earlier service to later life. Clemens was a Doctor.

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    That's all for tonight. I'll add some further photo's that have obviously been taken from an album tomorrow. These are from 1915 and are taken from the front line.

    Please, if you can add anything to the background of these brothers it would be great.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Edward (English spelling!) was apparently a midget! :speechless1:

    Leutnant 20.11.08 Vv

    Oberleutnant 22.3.15

    I lose his Captain date (22.3.18 probably) since it was after the 1.1.18 Seniority List and he was killed before the 1.1.19 edition.

    Photo #12 must be the youngest brother-- whose EK2 document you have in Post #3. Inscription on that photo in Post #13 identifies it as "Property of my son ERNST," signed "P. Lieber." That EK2 document establishes the Hans von Feldmann, Oberst, born 1868 who got the LDH2X on 12.11.16 with no unit in the Lippe Rolls as--- CO of IR 55 (only from 21 April to 11 November 1916!). He was char. GenLt aD, died 1940. :cheers:

    No Detmold House Order awards to any of the Liebers.

    The F?hnrich in Posts 6-7 is NOT a Lieber-- he's signed it "In friendly remembrance of pleasantly spent hours at the War School Hanover from your dear regimental comrade, from Cred? Hanover 20 July 1910."

    Lt 16.11.10 Oo in IR 55 Cred? ALSO had the Bavarian Silver St. Michael Medal (weird weird weird)

    Oberlt 22.3.16 SS

    char Hptm aD

    Major (E) 1.10.34 #17

    OTL (E)

    Oberst (S) 1.7.42 #64-- commanded Wehrbezirks Kommando Hagen in Westfalen at least January 1939 through May 1944.

    There are a number of Cred?s-- they were a huge and much decorated Detmold tribe. Can't tell what his first name was, alas. He must not have had an Abitur, while classmate Edward Lieber did-- allowing the l'il guy a 2 years retroactive seniority "bump" on that basis.

    Clemens was a RESERVE medical officer-- in May 1914 Oberarzt dR under control of Landwehrbezirk Limburg an der Lahn, with an LD2.

    And what of the Most Enormous Moose behind Lilliputian Edward Lieber and Normal-Sized Clemens Lieber in the triple photo in Post #5?

    Observe... strong family resemblance... BAVARIAN spike helmet plate... and 1905 or 1911 Luitpold Jubilee medal--

    HE's apparently

    Hyazinth Lieber, Lt dR 11.2.08 in Bavarian IR 8, holder of the 1911 version Luitpold. BZ3bX on 17.11.14 as KB Lt dR in Brig Ers Bn 8.

    HE establishes some sort of strange family connection between BAVARIA and LIPPE which explains, perhaps, Edward's medal-- and Edward's classmate Cred? must have just been along for whatever that pre-war occasion was. :rolleyes:

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    Interesting that the third "brother" in the trio photo is wearing a Bavarian helmet, while the other two are wearing Prussian Wappen. So maybe not a brother? I think the fact that they are standing on the side of a hill gives the impression that Eduard is short, but he is actually about the same height as Clemen if you put them on the same footing.


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    Hyazinth Lieber??? Was he killed in action in 1914 or 1915? I'm not sure about the name but was offered the documents of a Bavarian officer with BZL and MVO named Hyazinth who was KIA and had both those orders pretty early. The world is small, isn't it? By the way, the documents were Mr. Bretzendorfer's, but I don't know if he still has them or if they're yet sold. ;)

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    Klemens (Clemens) Lieber was originally a regular medical officer serving with Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 82 before transfering to the Reserves in 1906. This from the KWA Stammliste.

    He was promoted to Oberarzt der Reserve on 18.2.08 and to Stabsarzt der Reserve on 22.3.1915. In 1915 he is shown as serving at the POW hospital in Limburg a.L.



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    Well I'm gobsmacked at what this small group has brought up :jumping::jumping: It just goes to show what background can be found from such a few documents and photo's ... PLUS a lot of knowledge from those that use the "Dark Art".

    Rick, yet again you have come up trumps with the info ... you cease to amaze me :cheers::cheers:

    Saschaw, I wonder if the documentds you were offered are to the same Hyazinth as the one shown in the picture. Not a common name, so it could be. I'll try and contact Mr. Bretzendorfer to see if he still has them. Thanks for that information.

    Glenn, I had a feeling that Clemens went on to greater things ... a long service history there. Thanks for this.

    I'll add a few other pieces from the group, another small note dated 30 Jan 1918 to Oblt Lieber. Also a selection of photo's from the front, not sure which Lieber these belonged to, but info is written on the back of them. There are also 5 Maps of France that have "Lt Lieber, IR 55" written in pencil on the front. Possibly maps given out prior to the start of the War.

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    Guest Rick Research

    OK, easiest first. Last photo above shows Cousin Hyazinth 4th from left in the rear, so it's a pre-war shot of Bavarian officers, presumably 8th Infantry on maneuvers.

    The 30.1.18 note states that Oberlt (Edward) Libere has been with Landsturm Infantry Rgt 34 since 1.8.16 and has never had leave (!!!) in that time, so he is to be given the next one. Signed by Oberstleutnant Oskar Knopf (this rings bells bells bells-- I believe perhaps Christophe has a PHOTO of him someplace?.....)

    who you will find in the Thuringian awards volume for an SMK, and twice in the Weimar voilume for GSF3aX and SW. He also had a HOH3X.

    Photos, captions top, middle, bottom from left, middle right =

    TL-- Doppelpostenvor der Feldwache 1915 (sentries at armored peepholes)

    TM-- Mein Bursche Wilhelm Kohlmeier (his orderly servant)

    TR-- Gen(eral) d(er) Inf(anterie) Exz Frh v Gayl

    ML--Ass.Arzt Moser auf der Feldwache (Med 2nd Lt at the sentry post)

    MC--Heldman u. Winkelstr?ter (Max u Moritz). Im Hintergrund Feldw.Lt. Dargatz u Uffz Breitenbach 1915 (Named people-- the "Max and Moritz" is a joke, referring I think to the cartoon "Katzenjammer Kids")

    MR-- Auf der (F?nder?)bahn am Deckungswall Okt 1915 (narrow gauage tramway behind cover wall)

    BL--Weihnachten 1915 (Christmas)

    BM-- V...graben der Rupprechtsstellung 1915 (something trenches of the Rupprecht Line)

    BR--Unser Weihnachtsbaum in (BZ?) 1915 Der Berg im hintergrund sind meine F??e (..... einer .....) (Our Xmas tree in the "BZ" The mountain in the background is my feet (something of a something)

    Now, since "P." Lieber identified Erns as his son, from what Glenn has on the doctor's dad ERNST, it would seem the younger IR 55 Lieber was not a brother, but yet another cousin....

    you've got an entire TRIBE!!!!!

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