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    Unknown Freikorps pass

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    Guest Rick Research

    Not Freikorps-- one of the many right-wing-patriotic-sliding-towards-Nazi associations' membership card. Don't know how to put a price on something like this, since I've never seen another one.

    Photo doesn't appear to have anything to do with it-- looks more 18 than 35, and in some sort of "patriotic" uniform from the 1920s-- not clear and close up enough to say more at this point.

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    Hello all,

    These items came from my personal collection and were recently sold. The DSTB ID fetched USD $35.00, the photo postcard USD $25.00. The DSTB was, as Rick has indicated, one right-wing association among many during the early years of Weimar, with some ties to the early Nazi Party in Bavaria. The postcard is an early photo of what I believe to be a member of a Freikorps or Einwohnerwehr - note the armband. Unfortunately, the angle of the photo does not allow for a positive identification from the armband of the unit to which he belonged. I would date this photo postcard somewhere between about 1918 and 1921.


    Bds Bill

    Bill Bradley

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