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So, let us Count The Ways!

1) Aside from the sheer improbability of such a Wunder-Celeb document turning up as an orphan... we see that the printed lines for name and position have been cleared out in order to over-type the blanked area. Also, contrary to Hindenburg Cross award document norms, the person's place of residence (check yours) is NOT repeated there. Of course...

2) it didn't NEED to be repeated on Munich's special forms because the city's name was printed as part of the blank paperwork in two places-- entirely missing up top right in the erased and rescanned fake.

3) When any initial appears at bottom left with a serial number, it is the initial of the recipient's last name. H... L... :speechless: Poor copied over original Herr H22! Forger didn't have a CLUE! :banger:

4) The "stamp" has been "artistically" copied (and moved) to look as if it is a Real Rubber Slapper. Alas, the "stamp" too was--as was common in many German urban issues-- a printed part of the blank forms:

5) The Police President... wasn't. :banger: As you will note from the original, the signature stamp "v Oelhafen" was of a DEPUTY...and there is no "I.V." in the forgery-- no doubt because the greedy dumb fool had no clue what that meant, either.

6) Speckles. Speckles everywhere. Probably foxing spots on the original scanned Herr H22 document, that having been scanned and altered and printed out, appear as PRINTED spots all over the

Ultra High Grade Top De Luxe Special Attention for Volksheld Recipient...

uh, not. :shame:

The paper itself may or may not fluoresce under a black light-- I suppose there MAY be modern paper that is not so treated with chemicals as to glow electric blue... but there'd be a tough time matching the original stock to a plain old original.

After all, the fraud is clearly not a bleached and over typed original-- it is a blotted out scan that has been printed out.

So there. You've all just been saved U.S. $1,495. :cheers:

Although... for ? 1495 I could let you have:


Both are "authentically" :unsure: watermarked "STAPLES," which as every con-nu-sewer of bragging rights trophies knows stands for SS Truppen Armee Papier Legierungs Ersatz Sonderdruck. :ninja:

Of course, the "Ludendorff" document MIGHT be an ultra rare earliest of all early prototypes in Genuine Crappy Quality (hence the later nicer printed versions) and ... the clerk just "mis-typed" the serial number and they "forgot" the little handwritten "I.V." and messed up that Real Rubber Slapper stamp. What with being over-awed at the Supreme Personage that the document was going to, and all... and didn't make a nicer one? Hmmm. Yeah, THAT"S it-- this was the rejected quality control one, never handed out, and found in a desk drawer at Munich City Hall in 1945! THAT must be it!!!!


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Rick, was Ernie carrying that with him when he was jailed and executed? I don't see a bullet-hole and blood stains on it.... ;)

Q: Do you know how you can tell when Greenfield (aka the Rippmeister) is lying? A: His lips are moving and/or he's written something down.


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Now now! :shame: I am sure he really truly BELIEVES all that stuff. :rolleyes:

He just doesn't pay attention and has obviously not LEARNED anything despite decades of handling some of the top Imperial items on the market--mixed in with cringingly embarassing Manion rejects. :catjava:


WE have to do it ourselves...

because the self-professed Dealer Gods do not. :beer:

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