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March 1915, 2nd Division, 1st Corps. These are old scans-- I should redo this with the new wonder Epson.

This was discussed some time back and may have more information than I can remember at the moment. Can't FIND that older thread :speechless: since something has definitely "lost it" with the search function. :banger:

Then there is the Geheime Feldpolizei:


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The Feldgrau infantry helmet covers don't fit their police pattern helmets. What strikes me is that they're all armed with the P08 Luger, which I doubt very much any civil policeman had ever SEEN in 1914!

Closeups of individual numbers over the army corps numeral "I"

I wonder if it is only coincidence that the two senior NCOs in front have the lowest gorget numbers? Could these have been issued out in seniority precedence? The guy at far left is "57," so there were at least that many assigned to a Corps.

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There was also a feldgrau version of this uniform that came out later in the war. Is that what you are wanting? I think I have a shot or two that I have downloaded from Ebay at one time or another.


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