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A Couple of Romanian Military Badges

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Hallo Gents,

seems the awarding of the top one, was somewhat open affair,

I have been told by one man, he got it on three distinct occasions,

1. At a Shooting competition,

2. Romanian National Day*, 23rd of August.

3. Romanian Army's day. 25th October.

(currently held on 1st December, and bloody cold for weather for any parade to be held) :speechless:

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Hallo Gents,

I asked the owner / awardee about wearing the award of:


I asked could he wear them all together, and he responded with:

"N o o o o ! :D

We have tried to wear one but the most of the officers wanted (us to) to take it off !

The reason. . . " :angry: we are here in the army, not in the kindergarten :angry: "!!!

I have received mine, from my commanding officer,

he came to us with a box full of badges and we took one from the box !!!

His words were something like . . .

" . . a little souvenir from the army, everybody take one and wear it after your service" ,

or "send it to your mother or girlfriend" !!!! :speechless:

Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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Another interesting piece is this pin for Romania badge of F.C. Steaua Bucharest, 1950's, enamel.

F.C. Steaua Bucuresti (Romanian: Football Club Steaua Bucuresti, (The Star of Bucharest)

also known as Steaua, Rosi-Albastrii or Militarii) are a Romanian professional football club based in Ghencea, south-west Bucharest.

They play in Liga / League I and are the most successful club in Romanian football.

Steaua have won 23 National Championship titles, 20 Romanian Cups,

5 Romanian Super Cups and, in 1986, became the first team from Eastern Europe to win the European Cup.

The club is historically known as the Romanian Army Sports Club.

Steaua was founded on 7 June 1947, at the initiative of several officers of the Romanian Royal House. The establishment took place following a decree signed by General Mihail Lascar (?), High Commander of the Romanian Royal Army.

The club's first name was A.S.A. Bucuresti (Asociasia Sportiv a Armatei Bucuresti ? Army Sports Association). It was formed as a sports society with seven initial sections, including football, coached by Coloman Braun-Bogdan.

A.S.A. was renamed C.S.C.A. (Clubul Sportiv Central al Armatei ? Central Sports Club of the Army) in 1948 and C.C.A. (Casa Central a Armatei ? Central House of the Army) in 1950.

At the end of 1961 C.C.A. changed its name once again to C.S.A. Steaua Bucure?ti (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua ? Army Sports Club Steaua).

The club's new name translates "The Star" and was adopted because of the presence of a red star, symbol of most East-European Army clubs, on their crest.

The above was supplied by the seller and I have to verify it, hopefully by talking with an ardent STEAUA fanatic at the Hbby Club on Friday next.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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