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Anyone have any inormation on this individual? I have his card, but cannot scan it (we are still packed from the move)

I am sure it is either

Wagenfuhr or Wagenssuhr (I cant tell if it is the german double S or an F--how do you tell?)

I know he was in Hanoverian Uhlan Rgt 14, and I have more info but I cannot read the writing. The Tschapka I have dates from pre 1890, and has the proper reserve cross--I am just hopeing I can find out something about this individual

Thanks all!

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Hi Chris,

Army List (Rangliste) 1893:

2. Hannoversches Ulanenregiment Nr. 14. (Reserve), Second-Lieutenant [d. Res.] Wagenf?hr (Wagenfuehr), Landwehrbezirk I Braunschweig

d. Res. = der Reserve = reserve officer

Army List (Rangliste) 1901:

Landwehrbezirk I Braunschweig, 1. Aufgebot, Kavallerie, Oberleutnant [d. Res.] Wagenf?hr LD2 (LD2 = Landwehrdienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse)

Army List (Rangliste) 1910:

Landwehrbezirk I Braunschweig, 1. Aufgebot, Kavallerie, Rittmeister [d. Res.] Wagenf?hr LD1 (LD1 = Landwehrdienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse)



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He's not in any of the WW1 awards rolls we're working on. Will check "Dead Prussians" to see if he survived the war, and the 1918 Prussian and Reichs civil service lists--might get lucky and find him with wartime awards in one of those.

.... nope. Not a civil servant.

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Albert Wagenfuhr:

Sekonde-Lieutenant d.R.: 15.2.87

Premier-Lieutenant d.L.: 12.9.95 Hh

Rittmeister d.L.: 18.7.02 R

Retired from the Landwehr on 22 April 1912 with permission to wear the Landwehr Cavalry Uniform. I can find no wartime trace of him.

Landwirt in Offleben



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