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    Guest Darrell

    Just got this in yesterday here it is as a group and will break it down individually.

    Translation please !!!! :jumping::jumping:

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    Guest Rick Research

    The uniform photo appears to be 1930s and shows a Sacred Treasure and what may be a China Incident War Medal being worn-- a clear closeup of that would date the campaign medal.

    I don't think either document is for an Order-- those follow a format SHOWING the decoration and with the Imperial Chrysanthemum.

    All I can read are DATES, which from the reign year are pre-Showa (Hirohito), at least the first one (unless it is post-WW2:


    I can't read the Emperor's name which would allow this to be turned into our dates


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    Thanks gang next week I'll send copies of the papers off to a couple of Japanese teachers and see what they come up with.

    The GK has no marks, and is polished on the back. Any clues as to the medal next to the Sacred Treasure?

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    With the central stripe of the ribbon being darker than the colours that flank it, I'd say you are right in suggesting the 1931-34 Incident War Medal.

    That's what I'm thinking. Now, I think his rank is an Acting Corporal? I see no stars

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    Found some colored pictures of Taisho Coronation and China Incident 31-34


    Now here they are converted to black and white


    Now compare to the picture of the Vet's medal, it looks like it may be a Taisho Cornation Medal. What do you all think?


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    And so many of these pre-1960 black and white films have such strange rendering of colors that there is often a challenge determining what is shown.

    You do have a good point there. Something to work on there.

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    I don't think that picture matches either of the medals shown......... the center stripe seems too narrow.

    I know it's a problem. But there are only so many wide ribanded Japanese medals with bars. Are there more than what is listed in Petersen's Orders and Medals of Japan and Associated states?

    1874 War Medal (no center stripe)

    1894--95 War Medal (equal green,white,green)

    1900 War Medal (2mm green borders, 3 7mm white separeted by 2 6mm green stripes)

    1904-05 War Medal (white border, green with Blue center stripe)

    1914-15 War Medal (Dark Blue with White center Stripe)

    1914-1920 War Medal (same as above)

    1931-34 Incident War Medal (see earlier post for picture)

    1937 China Medal (it has a Paler red stripe down center, with blue end stripes) This is the only other possiblity. I'll scan mine and do a b/w conversion.

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    Nope, just cruised your pix in another thread of the '04-05 Japanese-Russian War Medal. With the outside colors looking so blended as to be (stripe) indistinguishable, my money is on this medal. I think the other one would be showing its' edge stripes (as it were)!!

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    Hi Ed, I agree, there's all sorts of bizarre color-shifts that occur with these older photos. But It seems (to my eye anyway) that the '31-34 medal had outside edge stripes with enough contrast to show up, even in this smaller washed-out image. Of course, I could be completely wrong on this, just my eyes "talking" here ;>)

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