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    Sub Badge, opinions sought.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have just found and joined this forum and this is my first post here, I have recectly aquired this Tombak Sub badge and would like to hear your opinions on it, Having just read Gordon's excellent thread about these badges i think this one seems to have the charecteristics of an Orth badge, what do you guy's think?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    btw... I am Der Elektriker on the MCF, hello to anyone who knows me from there...

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    Hi Colin,

    Very, very nice example. I have seen a few of this type in Tombak and they do indeed mirror the obverse die characteristics of the FO badge perfectly. All the examples I have seen have had the identical pin/hinge style as yours. Absolutely no doubt in my mind you have a good original piece there.

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    The basemetal from the images looks silvery to me where exposed (wreath highpoints, boat, top of eagles wings and head, reverse edges) - not the yellow of tombak. Is this just an effect of the imagery? Is what I'm seeing is really high quality burnishing (and therefore shiny reflection)?


    Mike K

    Edited by Mike K
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