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picture visit in Tehran 2005 medal shop


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I wish you had a close up picture of the medals he was showing you:

Do you? If you do can you please post them?

Thank you


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It will be 2 areas for both ODM. One area street, the shop?s sell new made insignias. But many items for the movie industry. It is very popular to show in TV?, movies from the history of the Palevie family. In this are, I have both many ribbonbars and only the martyr?s medal, shoulderboards, ovals, patches etc.. (look on OMSA # 3 2008 - Owain Raw-Rees). The other area are sell many different old ODM from Palevie time. Travel information: You are US citizen, that will be big problem. Try it, but I mean, you will have no entrie in IRI. Next problem. Dealers in shops are not know english. So, that are buiss. card from different dealers. Also, Mr. Ed have publishing my ribbonchard, that I both in a shop. Last. Uniform insignias, many many to buy in shop. My best in TOP item, that I have buy for my collections was a big, not , very big book from ODM in Palevie time. Many, many ODM inside. Also I have visit a old collectorfox. He have made a collectorguide with unofficial awards from palevie time. Iran citizen are very, very helpfull, friendly more and more. I was in different countrys around. But that was the friendlys peoples. Thats all today. More next. Vist my webside: http://www.hmf-herbst.de/catalog/index.php?language=en

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