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    Dear Friends,

    I have never seen these before. I wish somebody would be able to help me.

    I have two badges:

    1.) "Deutsch Japan tagung 1939", obviously Hitler Jugend badge. No maker mark. Very common pin back. Very high quality!

    2.) "6. Deutsch Japan arad Tagung. St Christopham Arlberg Tirol" 1944. Maker marked and very high quality.

    (So it seems that that was annual thing since the 1944 was sixth.)

    I believe these might be original badges, but for what ? Just some "German - Japan brothers in arms thing"... but with HJ??? (It seems that that was annual thing since the 1944 was sixth.)

    Though I believe as well these might be fakes since they seem to exists... I just did not manage to find picture...

    Berliner Auktionshaus #68

    3196 DEUTSCH-JAPANISCHE TAGUNG d. Studenten, 1939, versilbert, emaill., broschiert, Sammleranfertigung I- 45,00 EUR

    3197 6. DEUTSCH-JAPANISCHE ARAD-TAGUNG 1944, St. Cristoph am Arlberg, Tirol, Herstellerbez., emaill. u. versilbert, Sammleranfertigung 8 I- 25,00 EUR

    I would appreciate any help!

    Jani / Finland

    Picture of #1

    Edited by Jani Tiainen
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    Hi Jani,

    I'm afraid both are bad.

    The triangle piece is a fantasy item in that it never existed during the period of the Reich. The round one is controversial in that some do feel that it existed but others do not. However yours is definitely bad due to the shape of the plate holding the pin, this style is only found on post war badges. Also the Ges.Gesch should be spelt with a G not C, & finally, on the front the word should read AKAD not ARAD.

    Here's a link to another discussion on these badges http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=14956



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    gents Along the same lines, I have put my 1942 (round style) out on a fence post to experiment with the aging process. It is completely exposed to the elements 24/7. In September it will be there for one year. It will be great to compare before and after. I don't beleive in either one of these badges although some do. I couldn't possibly sell it as original hence a little experiment. Cheers Robert

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    • 1 month later...

    As promised I have finally brought my badge in from the elements to see how one years"s exposure to the elements has changed its' appearance. This badge was left on the top of a fence post 24/7 thru the 4 seasons. Let's take a look. I'll put the obverses and the reverses side by side for ease of comparison. have a nice weekend. Robert

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    Hello EVeryone,

    I thought I'd post mine once again out of interest. I had problems with posting images when I first tried to show this a while back and it is one of those shown in the post mentioned by Rick.

    The one I have looks old and it actually looks like it has more age "in person" as the photo makes it look newer.

    I guess we were both taken in Robert. :angry:

    Live and learn.



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