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    Polish Resistance In France Medal

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    This medal was established in 1946. It was awarded to all polish combatants who served in military and underground units in France between 1939-1945. 2,000 medals were awarded. It is a bronze medal with a stylized crowned eagle in the center with the French Cross of lorraine below and the years 1940-1944. Around the edge of the medal are the words, POLSKI RUCH OPORU WE FRANCJI (Polish Resistance Movement in France). The reverse has a machine gun in oak leaves in the center of the medal surrounded by the words RESISTANCE POLONAISE EN FRANCE with the dates 1940 and 1944. The medal has a French ball type suspension. The ribbon is black with red borders with the letter "V" in the center. the medal is 35mm in diameter.

    :beer: Doc

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    Hello Doc,

    Here's the medal on its correct medal as you described it :

    I had no idea "only" some 2,000 were awarded - where did you find that information ?

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the correction on the ribbon. I'll have to find the right ribbon. As for the number awarded, the info came from Dr Weslowski's book.

    :beer: Doc

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