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Preussischer Landesverein vom Roten Kreuz

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i haven't noticed a thread pertaining to these weimar-era awards, so i figured i'd start one in hopes that other members will add images of the various levels of these awards. as far as i know, there were several classes:


2nd (pinback)

2nd (on ribbon)


10-year (same as 3rd, but with 10 on lower arm)

here's a pinback 2nd class:

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i am very pleased to add this piece to my collection. it appears to be the first class honor cross.

heavily vaulted and made of gilded bronze with a silver or white metal pin (gilding is still present on back of pin)

does anyone know how many of these were awarded?


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here's another example. not sure if this is an award grade, or a reduced size for wear on a medal bar. measures 38mm -- rick l. had period pictures of this type in wear.


here is what the proper ribbon should look like:

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i originally posted this one on march 30, 2013 but the images have since been "lost"...

...so today, as i've established just exactly what it is, i'm reposting it...

 ...it's the 1st form---made in 1925 by godet--and at the very most, only 10 to 15 examples were presumably awarded!!! rarity factor: RRR

oh happy day







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