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    Mariage of Boris III (Bulgaria) and Giovanna (Italia) 25.10.1930

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    This medal commemorates Boris' and Giovanna's 1930 marriage (obviously!). Bulgarian royality websites fully describe the ceremony [date, venue & c]. R. Campi designed the medal and it likely was struck by an Italian firm. Cast versions have also been reported--these generally lack Campi's signature. It is seen in 3 different metals (bronze, silver and silver gilt); a few examples have royal Bulgarian 2nd type crown suspensions in the appropriate metal. These crowns appear to be taken from Bulgarian merit medals and added by persons unknown. The medal diameter is 28 mm or so making it noticably smaller than Bulgarian official medals.

    Ribbons usually seen with this are a equal width Bulgar green/white/red tricolor or a vertically half green-half red ribbon with a central narrow white stripe. Sometimes these medals have safey-pins attached to the suspension, suggesting there was no ribbon.

    It is NOT listed anywhere as either an official Bulgarian or Italian medal but one known Bulgarian group includes a silver example among other official awards, including an Italian Crown Order knight. Prince Romanoff describes this medal in his Bulgarian book; he attributes the 2nd ribbon described above to it. Denkov pictures it but I do not recall if he mentions a ribbon.

    Value.....hard to say. A couple of Bulgarian vendors offer these at prices for $20 to $100.

    Many unofficial Bulgarian medals exist from 1880 on--including various Plodiv fair medals. Apparently some people bought these and added them to their groups.

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