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    WW I British 105mm Howitzer

    Brian Wolfe

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    Hello Everyone,

    Here is another artillery piece, this time a British 105mm Howitzer, that sits out side at the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford, Ontario. It is showing some decay from being outside and there are no funds to restore and/or preserve it. I wonder how my wife would feel if it just "followed me home" one day? :rolleyes:

    Too bad it's not for sale.

    Cheers :cheers:


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    • 2 weeks later...

    I'm adding this photo to this post even though it is a WW I German 106mm howitzer and not British because I though it would be a good example of "the other side's" artillery piece of nearly the same calibre.

    Too bad the sign on the piece is not clearer but I've tried several methods of magnification with limited results.

    The sign on the trench howitzer is impossible to read.

    Anyway I like the photo and here it is.



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    They were ....towable.... u-hem.... :rolleyes:


    DON'T TELL ME THAT!!!!! :lol:

    Actually this is my wife's fear ever since I visited our local museum and found out they have more artillery pieces than they have funds to restore and room to display. Next stop? The Auto Supply store for a trailer hitch! :rolleyes:



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