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    Certificated award u.s. army document ?


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    The document recognizes long service by a civilian employee of the US government. It was accompanied by a small lapel pin.

    General Saint, who would sign such documents, was Commander-in-Chief, US Army, Europe, and NATO's Central Army Group,from June 1988-July 1992

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    Keep in mind that the U.S. government is not at all efficient at times, especially in these matters.

    My parents undoubtedly deserved a pin a two, but the local admin. in charge of this stuff probably forgot or lost them etc. etc.. It happened (s) all the time. I know of state department folks who were 'awarded" higher ranking merit medals by Hillery herself and all they had on hand were miniature medals. 15 years later they still don't have their full size awards.

    My Grandfather only received his WW1 campaign medal in 1969! (a scant 50 years after he returned home)...and he had to apply for it via his VFW post!

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    Yes, these exist as pins as well as certificates. The official terminology is "length of service pin", and they are small lapel-type pins. The official award is of a certificate commemorating he length of service, along with the lapel pin. I don't have an illustration available, but the U.S. Federal Stock numbers are:

    8455-01-170-0918 ................ 10 yrs

    8455-01-254-7985 ................ 15 yrs

    8455-01-169-8225 ................ 20 yrs

    8455-01-254-7986................. 25 yrs

    8455-01-169-8226 ................ 30 yrs

    8455-01-254-7987 ................ 35 yrs

    8455-01-169-8227................. 40 yrs

    I'm sure you can find an illustration somewhere on the web.

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