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PAINTED devices. AUSTRIAN crown over-painted. last two devices MIGHT be original-- can't tell from scan. But Iron Crown non enamelled wreath on a war ribbon is supposed to be... what?

NONSENSE lapel bow device on Iron Cross.

TWO classes of Albert (supposedly Knight 2nd and Merit Cross "gold" and "silver" and Ernestine-Knight 2nd or Merit Cross or Medal in first 3 places)... who was an enlisted man in 1914 (Friedrich August Medal) in 4th place but an officer (SMK in 5th) ...

Saxon NCO who clawed his way up to Leutnant-Super Hero in 1934/35 (precedence) BUT has not a SAXON long service award... rather a PRUSSIAN one? ...

Overly long brand new shiny brass pin... can't tell if the ctach is also hand snipped since it is very well hidden in the strange charcoal gray colored backing which is sewn too close to the edges...

Last but not least the Rolls for 4 of those first 5 awards displayed are done so even if it were NOT as blatantly bad, recipient combinations would show this to be IMPOSSIBLE anyway....

Garbage in all languages.

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I have seen this ribbon bar on ebay.de. The ribbons seems to be original but the devices !!!! :off topic:

Here is the ribbon bar. It will be interresting to buy it just to see it with black light.


Just get a string of Christmas lights. Far cheaper, and pretty similar in effect. :rolleyes:

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