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    Ribbon Bar opinions?

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    Guest Rick Research

    I have never seen anything like those Luftwaffe eagles. If the devices are good, that indicates a specific unknown manufacturer to hunt down and identify.

    But the ribbon bar is a recent Frankenstein parts fake.

    I can't tell if that is a stamped out catch or a soldered on one:

    and this dark charcoal gray backing sewn too close around all the edges is characterisic of a recent bunch of frauds flooding onto the market.

    The combination and positioning of awards makes no sense with the Spanish Civil War ribbon in that position.

    Looking at your closeup (excellent BTW) it appears the actual backing metal is Field gray painted, indicating left over WW1 stoc. Not unheard of in WW2 but characteristic of the way these Frankensteins are assembled to fit a bar that long with awards that don't make sense.

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    Rick and Paul,

    Thank you for your replies. I've had this ribbon bar for about ten years and I cannot recall where I got it from. I'm clearing out items from my collection, and I wanted to make sure that there was no crap in the works.

    Thanks again!



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