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    Ukrainian in the Austrian Army?

    Tom Y

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    So now we have Pole in the Austrian Army in Italy. I thought Poland was Germany and Russia's pingpong ball.

    My Grandfather was a "Ukrainian" (West Ukraine) and served at the time in the Austro-Hungarian army, As Rick states, that part of the world at the time was Poland to the Poles, but Ukrainian to the Ukrainians, although not a "Country" as such.

    If memory serves me right Galicia in Western Ukraine (East Poland) was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.


    Alex K

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    Galicia. Now I understand. Damn shifting borders. Who needs 'em?

    Yup, that part of the world has had some serious border changes and "Overlords" over numerous centuries. A political and ethnic mish-mash with each side claiming ownership. Without getting "Political" about it, Ethnic Ukrainians in the region always felt that they belonged neither to the Polish group or for that matter the later soviet group, but that's another story.

    At the time the photo you posted was taken, ?I suspect that it was Austro-Hungarian so would fit in with the general time-frame. and would therefore explain why he served in Italy, since Austria-Hungary participated in the 1914-18 War. (There because I was told to be there)




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