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    Modern Japanese awards


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    Modern Japanese awards, do they exist?

    We have the Rising Sun, Ribbon merit medal, the new sacred treasure, Culture order and so on?

    But the Self Defence forces, don't they have any medals? I've never seen anyone.

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    The JSDF award various ribbons for merit, long service, overseas service etc but no actual medals. JSDF personnel are eligible for the Rising Sun and Sacred Treasure, as are other Japanese citizens, but there are no specific military medals any more. I beleive that Japanese troops who have served overseas are allowed wear any UN or international awards for which they qualify but I have not yet seen photographic evidence to confirm this.



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    The defence forces have a range of ribbons, but no medals. See:


    Thanks for the nice reference. I know you probably don't know the answer as you didn't design the 'chart', but what is the differnce between the first ribbon to the left in the top row and the fourth ribbon to the right in the third row.

    Is this source you have provided a seller of ribbons? I think I may have run across him when I was helping John Royston find a maker of rosettes.

    Dick LaTondre

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